Taeyeon « Dear me »

Voici l’un des trois nouveaux titres de la sortie de son album « Purpose » (seconde édition » »).

Un titre magnifique, comme d’habitude, et des paroles toujours pleines de bons sens.

Pas la peine de préciser que je l’aime depuis 12 ans…

« Dear me », « My tragedy » & « drawing our moments » sont les trois titres inédits.

Petit Q&A de Taeyeon (en vo pour le moment), concernant cette sortie…

La traduction se trouve sous la vidéo et est proposé par Goddess Ly

Q1. Your favorite song from the repackage album? Taeyeon: The title song. “Dear Me”.

Q2. What did you do on Christmas? Taeyeon: I ate something delicious.

Q3. Taeyeon’s ‘Purpose’ in life? Taeyeon: (a sense of) stability..?

Q4. Please sing one line of the title song ‘Dear Me’. Taeyeon: “I love myself. I trust myself. Words I didn’t have”

Q5. What does Zero mean to you? Taeyeon: My best friend to whom I’m thankful for always bringing out for a walk 💜

Q6. Your favorite season? Taeyeon: Winter! ☃️

Q7. An anecdote while preparing this album? Taeyeon: Hm… Maybe because it was ‘words to myself’ but I remember feeling sad while recording the song.

Q8. Taeyeon’s best song from your point of view? Taeyeon: ‘I (feat. Verbal Jint)’

Q9. Your favorite food? Taeyeon: Tteok-bokki.

Q10. Your favorite color? Taeyeon: Purple 💜

Q11. Your favorite hair and make up style from this MV? Taeyeon: Right now!

Q12. TV/YouTube shows you enjoy watching? Taeyeon: New Journey to the West (TV) and Workman (YouTube).

Q13. Your favorite snack during winter? Taeyeon: Pumpkin sweet potato~ 🍠

Q14. What is ‘music’ to you? Taeyeon: This question is so hard. I married music! 😆

Q15. Your way of relieving stress? Taeyeon: Going on a drive without set destination.

Q16. The most recent movie you watched? Taeyeon: I watched a zombie movie but I can’t remember the title.

Q17. Is there an instrument you wish to play? Taeyeon: The harp! Or the gayageum. Something I can flick with my fingers.

Q18. Your satisfaction level for this album? Taeyeon: Hm.. 90%?

Q19. Things to watch out for at the concert this January? Taeyeon: Look forward to the special scent this time as well 😊

Q20. The reason we absolutely must listen to this album? Taeyeon: In addition to words to myself, it feels like I’ve achieved a goal completely. The completetion of ‘Purpose’! “Dear Me & You ❤️” Taeyeon: I wish everyone many joyful occasions throughout the year. I also hope that the year is filled with more happiness than the last. Always~💜 Thank you, bye 👋🏻😊

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