Elles reviennent le 17 octobre avec le mini-album « I LOVE » et le titre « NXDE » (sous-entendu NUDE).
Tout un programme!!

Alors soyons clairs, cette phot, c’est déjà le feu, mais on a droit a une petite vidéo qui laisse un peu rêver…

Voici le planning de la sortie de l’album:

Le 1er teasing, si jamais vous adorez le bruit du cœur:


Soyez curieux: http://ilovemagazine.co.kr/

La traduction anglaise du magazine: (G I-DLE • NEVERLAND International  <FB)

I LOVE Tracklist translation ❤️

06. DARK (X-file)

“hmm… can this be released? i was just crazy at that time. but if reasoning wins emotion, can that be called love?”

05. 조각품 (SCULPTURE)

“I think love can only be given to one person. So i gave it all to that friend. Because even if it’s cut, cracked and broken, losing myself hurts less than losing that friend.”

04. Reset

“‘There is nothing that can’t be achieved with effort.’ That is my motto. I achieved everything this way. But for the first time, I tried giving up on something. No, I could not help but give up. There is something that can’t be achieved with hard work.”

03. Change

“(laugh) When everyone sees me, they ask me. How happy is my life… right. It’s a life where i have everything. So i’m curious about that. How much more great things do i need to have to be happy .”

02. LOVE

“Yes, of course i’m loving now too. The person i love now… is me. (laugh) I said that love can only be given to one person. I loved a lot but this love now is the happiest.”

01. Nxde

“I know why people like me. But actually, that is not me. Now, i will show you the real me. Even if i can’t be loved again.”

MV teaser:



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